Velkommen til Apollo Norge!

Her kan du kjøpe mikrofly, triker og vinger fra Apollo og andre leverandører. Vi selger blant annet Delta Jet, Jet Star, Fusion og Ramphos. Vinger fra italienske Hazzard med Vne 160 km/t, 12,5 kv, elektrisk trim og DULV-godkjent.

Se masse flotte bilder i vårt bildegalleri. Vi hjelper deg med å realisere din flydrøm!

Per Høyland ble Norgesmester med Apollo Delta Jet 912s i 2007

Ring oss for en uforpliktende samtale!
Tlf. +47 958 46 412 eller send en mail til























This newly US designed and manufactured, weight-shift-control aircraft (aka trike) leaves no compromises when it comes to comfort, looks and overall flight performance and handling. Its truly one of the best trikes in the world supported by one of the best teams around.


Trike made from aluminium alloy tubes with total streamlined fiberglass cover.
Can be equipped with training pedals for the instructor,towing system,emergency parachute, windshield, brakes on main wheels.The automatic safety belts, baggage,brake on nosewheel are basic


We are one of the worlds largest microlight aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, with over 4000 aircraft flying since 1983.

P&M Aviation was formed in 2003 combining the best of Mainair Sports and Pegasus Aviation, and drawing on the expertise and knowledge gained in over a quarter of a century of microlight aviation design and experience.

Take advantage of our unique mail order and back-up service. Thousands of items - from nuts and bolts to helmets and radios - always available and can often reach you the next day. Just check the on-line shop or pick up the phone and place your order - we accept most credit cards.

All repairs, from the most awkward sail tears to damaged airframes can be tackled swiftly by our skilled workshop staff.

We are dedicated to getting you into the air, to enjoy the sheer excitement and FREEDOM of flight!











Apollo Norge, Helge Arne Bekkemellem, 2670 Otta, tlf. +47 958 46 412,

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