We are one of the worlds largest microlight aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, with over 4000 aircraft flying since 1983.

P&M Aviation was formed in 2003 combining the best of Mainair Sports and Pegasus Aviation, and drawing on the expertise and knowledge gained in over a quarter of a century of microlight aviation design and experience.

Take advantage of our unique mail order and back-up service. Thousands of items - from nuts and bolts to helmets and radios - always available and can often reach you the next day. Just check the on-line shop or pick up the phone and place your order - we accept most credit cards.

All repairs, from the most awkward sail tears to damaged airframes can be tackled swiftly by our skilled workshop staff.

We are dedicated to getting you into the air, to enjoy the sheer excitement and FREEDOM of flight!

The topless QuikR is the fastest and most advanced weightshift today with a 100MPH cruise and slow 40MPH stall. With a 450kg maximum takeoff weight and tested to +6 and -3gm the wing has been rig tested for pitch stability. The quick rig and de-rig facility helps to use as little hangar space as possible and in as little as 5 minutes. The QuikR complies with BCAR Section S issue 4 which is the toughest airworthiness standard in the world.

The QuikR is a no-nonsense high-speed touring aircraft ideal for eating up the miles with a hands-off trim range of 65MPH - 100MPH using the unique electric trimmer as first used on the original Quik. Now with a strut-braced topless wing, distinctive winglets, and slightly increased wing area of 11.43 Sq m.

The Quik just got quicker!


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