The original Ramphos trike was developed in 1998 and was designed to operate for tourist enjoyment with sightseeing flights over local beaches and lakes. The design meant to be an economical and easy to operate flying boat.
The first models were equipped with the Rotax 503 and 582 series of engines. The original wing used was the HZ 15"C". This wing has a long safety and performance record and has been German DULV certified for more than 15 years.
The double surface design allows a relatively high cruise speed with docile handling and stall characteristics. The combination of high performance wing and stable hull design permits operations in high wind and heavy seas. The frame is constructed of high quality, aircraft grade stainless steel. This along with the fiberglass hull construction allows continued operations in salt water environments. The Ramphos Hydro, with a light weight of only 198 Kg., became available in kit form in late 2000.
This quick build kit does not require welding or fiberglass work and saves the builder money in terms of initial purchase and shipping costs.

Available Accessories

Many accessories and enhancements are available.
The Ramphos frame and wing is predisposed for attachment of the BRS parachute system.
A landing light, water proof electric system, sump pump, dual controls, digital instruments and emergency floatation equipment are a few of the available accessories.

The hull can be custom painted and personalized to suit the customer's tastes.
The Hydro is a water only unit. To facilitate the movement of the Hydro in and out of the water as well as trailer loading, we have developed a unique removable transport wheel system.
This system easily attaches to the side of the hull and can be removed just as conveniently and stored.


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