.The amphibian version was released in 1999. The landing gear is strong and easy to operate.
Only one lever action is required to extend and retract the gear. A retractable water rudder was installed, it extends and retracts automatically in conjunction with gear position.
The Trident model is the most requested model. It is equipped with the Rotax 582 and a composite three or five blade propeller with brass leading edge protection.
In 2004 the new Ram 15"S" wing was developed. It is based on the original 15"C" frame and was static load tested to 7 positive and 4 negative G forces.
The strutted design allows for quick folding on the unit by one person and allows storage in a standard garage or a low door hangar.
The Trident offers total versatility for private and professional pilots. The unit operates well, even on moderately prepared grass or dirt airfields.
The hull has been tested to provide emergency off field landings with the landing gear retracted, if necessary , with little or no damage.
The landing gear, also totally constructed with stainless steel, has a safety locking mechanism for security. The gear can be unlocked and extended in the water for a clean exit onto the beach or boat ramp.
The weight of the Trident is now 224 Kg. and has been flight tested at 525 Kg..
The Ramphos Trident will lift off from the water in as little as 8/10 seconds (one up, no wind) and 12/14 seconds with full load (two up, no wind).

Available Accessories

Many accessories and enhancements are available.
The Ramphos frame and wing is predisposed for attachment of the BRS parachute system.
A landing light, water proof electric system, sump pump, dual controls, digital instruments and emergency floatation equipment are a few of the available accessories.
The hull can be custom painted and personalized to suit the customer's tastes.
The Hydro is a water only unit. To facilitate the movement of the Hydro in and out of the water as well as trailer loading, we have developed a unique removable transport wheel system.
This system easily attaches to the side of the hull and can be removed just as conveniently and stored.



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