This newly US designed and manufactured, weight-shift-control aircraft (aka trike) leaves no compromises when it comes to comfort, looks and overall flight performance and handling. Its truly one of the best trikes in the world supported by one of the best teams around.

The Revo's airplane like handling and stability offers a much larger window for flying, allowing the pilot to fly when it's convenient, and not just when the weather is perfect. The Revo flies at 58 MPH hands-off or 100 MPH doing a cross country flight. The Revo offers great responsiveness throughout the speed range with feather light control input.if you are looking for a world class trike, the Revo should be on your short list

The welded structure, made from classic 4130 Chromoly, is stronger and lighter, providing a great solid feel for the lifespan of the trike.  More one piece structural components allow fewer bolted connections for greater longevity. An abundance of CNC parts make for a perfect fit every time.

The electric in-flight adjustable speed trim gives effortless cruise up to 100 mph. The color glass panel option with integrated aviation GPS provides all flight info at your fingertips in brilliant color and great visibility. The main wiring harness is all aircraft tefzel wire with modular design and aircraft circuit breakers placed right in front of the pilot.

Its roomy back seat with the unique one piece curved mast design provides great comfort for the passenger.  Its front seat with quick adjust foot pedals will fit even the tallest of pilots with ease.


Its cockpit consists of an efficiently designed instrument panel, wisely organized and pleasing to the eye.

The Revo exceeds expectations in every respect:  solid construction, exceptional quality, creative design features, contemporary options, meticulous attention to detail, improved usable speed range and best of all, responsive handling and turbulence busting. No other trike has all the benefits and features of the Revo


We offer Reflex family of topless wings that are capable of folding on the trike within 15 minutes. Our wings are available for sale separately. Since these wings are capable of a high speed range in cruise, it is advised that if your trike has a fairing, the wheelpants have vertical fins on them for aerodynamic stability at higher speeds. The 11 meter wing is only advisable for Rotax 912 (80 HP) and higher horsepower trikes. As always, it is advised that you take transition training from an experienced certified flight instructor for any new wing that you put on your trike. For wing prices please go to the bottom of the page



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